"Tobias and Wally"

When I first saw Toby, he was strolling casually on a footpath right behind my home. 

Many ideas came to my mind about how I wanted to photograph him but I always knew his natural hipster-esque dress code would be essen

tial to this shoot.

Through Toby and Wally, I was trying to suggest how choices over visual identity between various races have evolved through time, implying how far we have all come. 

I don’t think you would’ve seen a black hipster walking a poodle back in the 20’s.

Toby is involved in film production.

A commissioned portrait I shot of Lynley Garrett. 

She designs beautiful scarves @ Lee Garrett.

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My work was featured on the Tumblr page run by Newsweek and Daily Beast Photo Editors. I reckon that’s pretty wicked!


Project: A.M.

Mardiana Sani is a Malaysian-born photographer based in Melbourne. 

Having graduated from the RMIT BA Photography 2011, she was titled Capture Magazine’s Australia’s Top Emerging Photographer 2012 and awarded with the ACMP Student Photographer of The Year 2011 prize for her work in portraiture.

Taking primary inspiration from the emotional conscience, Mardiana’s images incite the viewer to feel their content, before turning thought to them. Maturing in style, Mardiana embraces creative and technical challenges persistently. The result of this passion has seen her work published in various commercial media. More personal works explore imperative representations of beauty, predisposed by an unconventional upbringing in the boom of Western globalization in South East Asia.

Mardiana is currently a resident photographer at Blue Tree Studios, Port Melbourne. Please see more of her work here.

My boyfriend makes such cool work!

New fashion editorial up on 



I first saw Amy on a tram and instantly thought she was beautiful.. Without realizing it, I photographed her in her bedroom in what probably was the same pose I first saw her in.

She paints

Shooting James’ headshot =)

My awesome boyfriend’s work!

Trying out a new look with Nixi. Shot on Kodak Portra with 500 C Hasselblad.

Beautiful light falling on my friend Ken in his Sydney home.

Me shot by James Braund on one of his many many shoots!

The Nudes making me proud again at the Brunswick Street Gallery Picture This Prize.

Won second place!

lustbite asked: Youre just really amazing. Im from Malaysia too. Malaysia must be really proud of your work! Keep it up girl <3 (reply privately)

Thank you for the kind words ;) Hopefully they are!

mariannefowlerphotography asked: I love your photographs, so inspiring. What kind of gear do you use?

Thank you! I use a 5D Mark II, 85mm 1.8 (mostly) and an old film Hasselblad I borrow from friends. That’s what the ‘Nudes' were shot on!